Without new land, is it feasible to directly renovate the sedimentation tank in situ to expand its capacity and reached the water output Class A?
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The difference between the upgrading and upgrading we are talking about here and the conventional upgrading and upgrading is that we emphasize the functional upgrade of original sewage treatment facilities.

In general, RPIR technology is used to upgrade the first-level physical and chemical treatment functions, for example sedimentation tank is enhanced to the second-level biochemical treatment function.

The Shenzhen Nanshan Water Purification Plant project is a typical practice. The system of six radial flow sedimentation tanks originally used for emergency flood control treatment was transformed. We installed RPIR modules, aeration system and filter cloth filters in the body of the sedimentation tank with the processing capacity expanded by 176,000 tons, the hydraulic retention time is six hours, and the effluent standard reaches Grade A.