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“Five-star and ten-level” post and level determination system
Assistant, commissioner, high commissioner, manager, high-level manager, senior manager, director, high-level director, senior director, field expert

Assistant engineer, engineer B, engineer A, senior engineer B, senior engineer A, engineer in charge B, engineer in charge A, technical field expert, senior director, field expert
You can be the best version of yourself:flexible employment mechanism, promoting the capable, project bonus rewards, and more pay for those with more skills.

We provide you with a broad career stage:a scientific dual-channel promotion and development model, professional, honest, pragmatic, and innovative growth conditions.

You will harvest love, home and career:relying on the platform of Qingyan Environmental, you will have a group of the best colleagues, sow the seed of dream in the soil and grow up with the dream.

Every corner is open:there is no wall among departments, and departments keep smooth cooperation, and love and help with each other; and employees’ thinking ability and spirit of defense area extension are cultivated.

Everyone is willing to help you succeed:the three-level training model

Every day is full of positive energy:there are rich corporate cultural activities, regular team building activities and travel.