Efficient technology of nitrogen removal

Efficient ammonia nitrogen degradation microbial agent preparation technology is achieved by precisely controlling environmental conditions and selectively screening functional flora from indigenous microorganisms. The technology continuously activates and strengthens the nitrification ability of microbial floras, and selectively amplifies and enriches the nitrification functional flora in a directional manner , thereby achieving efficient and rapid treatment of ammonia nitrogen.

Technical characteristics

The directed screening is carried out on indigenous microorganisms, without ecological risk
The fermentation process is precisely controlled to simulate the actual operating conditions of the sewage treatment unit
The directed amplification is carried out on functional flora, with high reproductive efficiency
The flora is abundant and the ability to remove pollutants is strong

Core products

Anqi efficient ammonia nitrogen degrading microbial agent
Anqi is an efficient ammonia nitrogen degrading microbial agent independently developed by Qingyan Environmental, which is mainly used to solve the problem that ammonia nitrogen in sewage biochemical treatment system cannot stably reach the standard. Anqi efficient ammonia nitrogen degrading microbial agent is mainly dominant nitrosifying flora and nitrifying flora, supplemented by other various sewage functional floras, of which function covers efficient utilization of organic matter, promotion of microbial agglomeration, nitrogen conversion and utilization, phosphorus enrichment and removal, degradation of complex organic matter, resistance to extreme conditions, etc.

Product features:
• It has flexible form, simple and convenient use, fast onset and long-term stability;
• The liquid or filler type microbial agent can be selected flexibly according to the application scenario;
• It is of no biotoxicity, environmentally friendly, and fast in onset.

Application scenarios

  • Rapid start-up of new sewage treatment plant

  • Upgrading and reconstruction of sewage treatment plant

  • Rapid recovery of ammonia nitrogen removal after impact on sewage treatment plant

  • Treatment of industrial high ammonia nitrogen wastewater in chemical, food processing, petroleum refining and printing and dyeing industries

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