Message from the Chairman

Today, the world is experiencing unprecedented changes in a century, with human science and technology advancing towards the endless frontier. This progress has created vast opportunities for scientific and technological innovation across various industries. The field of environmental protection, which promotes sustainable human development, has a promising future. After decades of rapid economic growth in China, urbanization continues to progress, and people's expectations for water environment quality are increasingly high. Meanwhile, carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals must be achieved on schedule, making the challenges faced by water ecological environmental protection increasingly complex. As a result, there is an urgent need in the market for more innovative and effective water ecological environmental protection and treatment technologies.

 Qingyan Environmental, a national high-tech enterprise incubated by the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, has always adhered to the institute's original mission of "serving the industry with technology and serving the society with industry" since its founding. Embodying the corporate culture of "innovation excellence, knowledge-action unity," the company is committed to its strategic positioning of "providing high-quality value services upstream and downstream of the industry with the equipped innovative technology as the path and innovative equipment process package as the product." Qingyan Environmental has innovatively developed the RPIR rapid biochemical sewage treatment, T-Bic rapid biochemical water body remediation, and other series of technologies. By equipping these innovative technologies, the company has played a significant role in the new construction, upgrading, and expansion of municipal sewage treatment plants, river basin treatment, source control and pollution interception, water environment remediation, decentralized sewage treatment in villages and towns, and industrial organic wastewater treatment. As a result, the company has experienced rapid growth and has become a leader in the transformation of equipped innovative technology for water treatment.

      In the future, Qingyan Environmental will remain steadfast in its beliefs and true to its original mission, focusing on customer value and taking responsibility for preserving blue skies and clear waters. The company will continue to attract and nurture outstanding innovative talents, develop more innovative technologies, equip these technologies, and promote the simplification of the design, construction, and operation of water environment treatment facilities. We will strive to achieve our goal of establishing an internationally leading R&D and promotion service platform for high-end environmental protection equipment as soon as possible.