T-Bic series rapid biochemical sewage treatment technology

The Three-dimensional Biological Immobilized Curtain, referred to as T-Bic technology, integrates bio-enhanced functional microbial agent, polymer material modified immobilized microorganisms, rapid biochemical reactors and other technologies to achieve high-efficiency and high-density immobilization of functional microbial agent, and is suitable for rapid biochemical treatment of low-pollution water.

Characteristics of T-Bic series technology

The treatment effect is efficient and stable, and the effluent quality is excellent
The new polymer biological filler is used, and biomass and biological activity are high.
The resistance to extreme conditions is strong
The functional flora is rich.

Core equipment

Application scenarios:
• Rural decentralized domestic sewage treatment
• Emergency treatment for rapid expansion of small sewage plants
• Emergency treatment of black-odor rivers
Capacity40-2000 t/d

Discharge standards The Level B

Low-load high-throughput all-in-one machine (RPSR)
Application scenarios:
•Urban early contaminated rainwater, mixed drainage of rainwater and sewage, and runoff pollution treatment
•Treatment of tailwater from fish ponds, municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.
• Other high-standard treatment of low-load sewage
Capacity:1000-2500 t/d
Discharge standards:Quasi-class  standards for surface water
T-Bic bio-purification tank
Application scenarios:Low-carbon and efficient treatment of highly decentralized sewage in rural areas, communities, parks, scenic areas, and other places.
Capacity1-300 t/d

Discharge standards : Local rural sewage discharge standards(Rural domestic sewage); The Level A( Towns disperse sewage)

T-Bic biological floating island
Application scenarios:
• Rapid treatment of rainy season overflow pollution along river outlets
• In-situ treatment and improvement of quality of low-pollution water such as pit-ponds, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, etc.

CapacityService area for a single module is 10-40 m2and its ervice water depth is 1-2 m

Discharge standards : Quasi-class  standards for surface water


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