Joint R&D Center

The "Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen - Qingyan Environmental Rapid Biochemical Sewage Treatment Technology R&D Center" (referred to as the "Joint R&D Center") is a research institution jointly established by Qingyan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. Drawing upon the resources of the Guangdong Environmental Microbial Resources Development and Application Engineering Technology Research Center and the Shenzhen Environmental Microbial Resources Development and Application Laboratory, the Joint R&D Center focuses on cutting-edge research in sewage treatment technology, sewage resource utilization technology, and microbial resource development and application. The center adopts a director responsibility system, offering four key functions: project research and development, technical support, testing services, and academic exchanges. Researchers from both parties collaborate in research and development teams to carry out various tasks.
As a technological innovation driven enterprise, the Joint R&D Center also assumes the responsibility of jointly training postdoctoral fellows with Tsinghua University. This partnership fully leverages the unique role of the postdoctoral system in building a high-level talent team and fostering the company's technological innovation, providing a technical guarantee for the company's long-term development.