RPIR technology for wastewater treatment

Rapid Purification of sewage using sedimentation Integrated rectangular airlift loop Reactor (RPIR) is an international advanced rapid biochemical wastewater treatment technology independently developed by Qingyan Environmental.

       RPIR rapid biochemical sewage treatment process organically couples the four functions - aeration for oxygen supply, airlift loop, biochemical reaction and separation by sedimentation together to form an intensive and efficient biological sewage treatment reactor, which does not require sludge return, thus shortening the process flow of sewage treatment. The core equipment of the technology is the RPIR standard module, which has a unique structural form, either assembled combination equipment or skid-mounted sewage treatment all-in-one machine.

Characteristics of RPIR technology

Less land occupancy
The reaction and separation are integrated, and there is no secondary sedimentation tanks, saving land, saving energy and efficient
Fast construction
The standardized and modular equipment can be used for any volume of water, and has reliable quality.
Simple management
All stainless steel is used, there are no wearing parts, management is simple, and maintenance cost is lower.
Less investment
Compared with traditional process, the cost of land acquisition is saved

RPIR core equipment

  • RPIR module
    The loop clarifier module, referred to as “RPIR module”, is suitable for the construction of large-scale sewage treatment facility.

    The RPIR module has the following characteristics:

    1、 It adopts the standardized equipment that can be quickly assembled and installed, and is short in project implementation cycle; and it has flexible configuration according to project scale, free paralleling and high project suitability;

    2、It is made of all stainless steel, and has no vulnerable parts and low maintenance cost.
  • Mobile system of RPIR
    Mobile system of RPIR is skid-mounted whole-process integrated equipment, which is mainly used in source control and pollution interception of small outlets of urban rivers, lakes and reservoirs, decentralized village and town domestic sewage treatment and other fields.

    Mobile system of RPIR has the following characteristics:

    1、 It can be put into use quickly and can be operated after being installed on the site by getting water and electrical sources connected;

    2、It adopts cloud platform monitoring, meeting the needs of customers for fast response and unattended operation;

    3、The mobile system of RPIR tank body is also made of all stainless steel, which has long life and low maintenance cost.

RPIR process package

Based on RPIR technology and core equipment, Qingyan Environmental has developed the following four process packages to meet the different application scenarios and needs of users.
  • S- RPIR process
    It is composed of pure RPIR pond, and the whole process from entry of raw water to discharge of water reaching the standard can be completed only by a treatment unit, achieving the goal of removing COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, SS and other pollutants. This process package is suitable for sites where there are no total nitrogen requirement and land shortage.
  • A/RPIR process
    The anoxic unit is added on the basis of the S-RPIR process package, and the denitrification process is completed through the nitrification liquid reflux anoxic unit, which can achieve the goal of removing COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, SS and other pollutants. This process package is suitable for sites where there are total nitrogen requirement and land shortage.
  • A²/RPIR process
    Adding an anaerobic unit on the basis of the A/RPIR process package can release phosphorus in the anaerobic unit, thus improving the aerobic phosphorus uptake efficiency. This process package is one of the most complete process packages in the field of biochemical sewage treatment, which can achieve deep denitrification and phosphorus removal of sewage. It is especially suitable for upgrading, expansion and new construction of municipal sewage treatment plants, and can effectively solve the problem of land shortage for the project.
  • Vertical flow A/RPIR process
    The process package arranges the aerobic-anoxic units vertically in the RPIR pond, forming a process form of bottom anoxic, upper aerobic, and sludge-water separation. It can achieve the goal of removing COD, ammonia nitrogen, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, SS and other pollutants. Due to the full utilization of vertical space, the vertical flow A/RPIR process package is more suitable for reducing or retrofitting treatment facilities under extremely limited land conditions.

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