The Temporary Treatment Plant Project of Shenzhen Binhe Water Purification Plant's Improvement and Expansion Project Passed the Project Acceptance
LOADING... DATE:2024年01月17日
After three months of hard work, the temporary treatment plant project of the Shenzhen Binhe Water Purification Plant Standard Upgrading and Expansion Project, undertaken by Qingyan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.,(stock number 301288) successfully reached production and standards, and officially passed the project acceptance on 31th,March,2023.
Shenzhen Binhe Water Purification Plant Standard Upgrading and Expansion Project

It is constructed by Shenzhen Water (Group) Co., Ltd. and EPC general contracted by Shenzhen Liyuan Water Design Consulting Co., Ltd. The total sewage treatment capacity of the project is 500,000 m³/d, of which the expansion scale is 200,000 m³/d. The expansion project scale is 300,000 m³/d.

In the absence of new land use, in order to ensure that the Shenzhen Binhe Water Purification Plant would not be stopped production, reducing volume, or lower standards during the rainy season, this project has planned to transform the original aeration tank and secondary sedimentation tank in Section A so that it becomes a temporary treatment plant with secondary biochemical treatment and mud-water separation functions.

After multiple evaluations and demonstrations, the RPIR rapid biochemical sewage treatment technology independently developed by Qingyan Environment selected as the core technology for the renovation of temporary treatment plants, due to its advantages of low investment, fast construction, excellent water effluent, simple operation and maintenance.
The main process of this project is the "RPIR+magnetic coagulation precipitation" process. After the transformation, the designed treatment scale of the facility is 42,000 m³/d (water volume change coefficient is 1.2), with a peak treatment capacity of 50,400 m³/d. The effluent has met the surface quasi-Class IV standard (TN ≤ 15mg/L).
The renderings of Temporary processing plant

This project started construction at the end of December in 2022. The Project Department team of Qingyan Environment worked closely with the owner, general contractor and other relevant units to concentrate manpower and material resources to catch up with the construction period and comprehensively promote it while ensuring the quality of the project. After efforts, the project ran well at full load of 42,000 m³ on 29th, March, achieving production and standards.