Qingyan environment——Leader in innovative equipment for sewage treatment on Construction with limitation of land use, in-situ upgrading and expansion of standards, and functional updates of outdated sewage treatment plants
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The pace of the times keeps moving forward, the society and economy are seeing rapid development.
Greater efforts have been made to promote urbanization. People are having increasingly higher requirements for water environment quality. It is an increasingly urgent need to comprehensively treat the water environment. Water environment treatment is facing increasingly complex problems,and the standards have been constantly upgraded. 
More efficient, more intensive, lower-carbon and lower-cost water treatment technologies are urgently needed in this era. Qingyan Environment was established by its patent technology inventor team. It has adhered to the mission of Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen--drive industry with technology, serve society with industry.
The company focuses on customer value, and takes blue sky and clear water as its own responsibility.
Practicing the core culture of "innovation and excellence, integration of knowledge and practice",it aims to build into a national high-tech enterprise, a specialized and sophisticated "little giant" enterprise that produces new and unique products, and to become a leader in the reform on equipment manufacturing for innovative technology in water environment treatment.
Faced with the imminent problems in wastewater treatment technology, Qingyan Environment is positioned to seek special solutions under the large market demand. With equipment manufacturing for innovative technology as the path and innovative equipment process package as the product,the company provides high-quality value services for the upstream and downstream water environment treatment participants in the industry. The service scope covers the construction of municipal sewage treatment plants, upgrading, expansion, source control and pollution interception of black-odor rivers, water quality improvement of river basins, low-cost treatment of decentralized sewage treatment in villages and towns, industrial organic wastewater treatment and other fields.

Qingyan Environment has invested great efforts in wastewater treatment, having a strong sense of mission and responsibility, it promotes the innovation and development of water treatment technology. RPIR technology for wastewater treatment, an international advanced technology independently developed by Qingyan Environment, is intended to solve land shortage, upgrading and expansion in the construction of industrial wastewater treatment facilities.
RPIR is a reaction-precipitation integrated rectangular airlift loop reactor. Its core principle is to use the airlift power of oxygen aeration to make the mixture produce loop to improve the mixed mass transfer efficiency,to realize the efficient interception of activated sludge by physical clarification, and to realize the unpowered full reflux of activated sludge under the action of airlift loop. In order to better promote its application, Qingyan Environment has conducted equipment manufacturing and standardization innovation for RPIR technology, and formed two product series: RPIR loop clarifier module and Mini-RPIR module all-in-one machine. RPIR is characterized by small investment, less land occupied, low cost, simple management, good water quality, low carbon and energy saving. Less land occupied and low cost are its most prominent advantages. 
RPIR can be used for the treatment of bioavailable wastewater of all kinds. Its discharge water quality can meet the current discharge standards of different parts of the country. With its continuously innovated and upgraded platform-specific strategy and unique and effective business model, Qingyan Environment has gradually formed an obvious differentiated brand advantage in the fierce market competition. A large number of project cases created by RPIR technology for wastewater treatment, the iterative innovation formed by continuous feedback and optimization, the "iron triangle" promotion model consisting"perfect solution + huge distribution system+ high-quality service team", and the win-win advantage of the value chain brought by the integration of supply and demand are enabling the core technology to constantly break through the application boundary and form a market trend of "promoting its application in the whole country by drawing upon the experience gained on key regions". Adopting the "one core and multiple areas" R&D strategy and relying an attractive R&D incentive mechanism.
Qingyan Environment continuously introduces excellent talent to build an excellent R&D team.
It will have a deep insight into market opportunities, carry out efficient research and development of innovative technology, conduct effective equipment manufacturing for technology, and strive to, as fast as possible, turn from single-point breakdown to fractal innovation, from original R&D to collaborative transformation, from "better and better" to "more and better", and from one city or region to global expansion. The development of human science and technology is going to a frontier without end, providing more possibilities for technological innovation in various industries.
As an innovative organization taking industrialization of scientific and technological achievements as its mission, Qingyan Environment is working on a great cause that contributes to the sustainable development of human beings. In the future, the company will continue to enhance its ability in technological innovation and achievement transformation, keep improving its insights and efficient execution, so as to provide more and better water environment treatment technology for the industry to contribute greater strength to the development of the industry." Keep continuous iteration and make fractal innovation. Qingyan Environment will keep in mind the mission of transforming technological achievements, and will stick to its original aspiration of serving the industry with technology. By constantly creating new growth curves, and building an international leading R&D and promotion service platform for high-end environmental protection equipment, the company will form a super life entity with self-evolution function. Qingyan Environment!