RPIR module for Qingyan Environment—Equipment and Solution on Construction of Sewage Treatment Plants with Limitation of Land Use, in-situ Upgrading and Expansion of Standards, and Functional Updates of Outdated Sewage Treatment Plants
LOADING... DATE:2023年12月11日
The essence of sewage treatment consist of reaction and separation processes.The reaction makes the pollutant harmless,separation makes the water clear .
As a large structure to implement the separation process, secondary sedimentation tank is widely used. So it's been in people's minds for a long time that secondary sedimentation tank became an standard equipment for sewage treatment plants. But the RPIR module has appeared and the wastewater treatment plant no longer needs a secondary tank anymore.

RPIR module is the core equipment of RPIR technology and it is designed through exquisite structure whose aeration is coupling biochemical reaction and sedimentation together,without the secondary sedimentation tank.
The number of modules could be flexibly according to treatment capacity, it can also be directly erected on the original secondary sedimentation tank and other tanks for reconstruction and expansion.
RPIR technology has developed the corresponding process packages for different treatment requirements. It could easily handle a variety of sewage treatment application scenarios.
For example, municipal sewage treatment plant , in-situ remediation of river and lake water environment ,the storage tank and municipal sewage treatment, In situ retrofittion of sedimentation tanks, rural sewage treatment, high concentration organic wastewater treatment.
Goodbye to the secondary sedimentation!
RPIR module make the water clear and the sky blue!