Good news! Rapid Purification of sewage using sedimentation Integrated rectangular airlift loop Reactor" has been officially released and implemented!
LOADING... DATE:2023年12月07日
Recently, according to the announcement of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association, the " Rapid Purification of sewage using sedimentation Integrated rectangular airlift loop Reactor " compiled by Qingyan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., China Municipal Engineering Central South Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Research institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen, and other units "Technical Regulations" has been reviewed by the Urban Water Supply and Drainage Professional Committee of the Association and has been approved and released. It is numbered T/CECS 1356-2023 and would be officially implemented on November 1, 2023.
This technical regulation is a normative document for the technical construction and operation management of “Rapid Purification of sewage using sedimentation Integrated rectangular airlift loop Reactor”. It involves the process design of RPIR, RPIR modules and systems, the detection and control of the RPIR system, construction, commissioning and acceptance. In terms of operation and maintenance, it is suitable for the design, construction, commissioning, acceptance and maintenance of new, expanded and renovated sewage treatment projects using RPIR technology.
The development of RPIR technology has been updated and iterated for 19 years. It has the characteristics of "saving investment, less land occupation, cost effective, and simple management", and effectively solves the problem of "lack of land, urgent construction schedule, limited investment, and high water quality requirements" for sewage treatment. Various process packages constructed by RPIR technology have been launched in the fields of newly built municipal sewage treatment plants, upgrading and capacity expansion, in-situ restoration of river and lake water environments, source control and interception, and decentralized sewage treatment. Related cases are distributed in 28 countries across the country. Provinces/regions, the total daily processing capacity is close to 3 million tons.

In recent years, RPIR technology has continuously broadened its application boundaries and made breakthroughs in regulating storage + municipal sewage linked treatment plants, in-situ transformation of sedimentation tanks into biochemical plants, and construction of underground sewage plants, bursting out with strong vitality.

 Shenzhen Nanshan Water Purification Plant Complete System Upgrading Project
Processing scale176,000 m³/d

New construction of upstream sewage treatment plant in Nanning
Processing scale30,000m³/d
In recent years, Qingyan Environment has attached great importance to standardization work and has successively taken the lead or participated in the formulation of a number of water treatment-related process or product standards. The issuance and implementation of this standard is a milestone event in the development of RPIR technology. It is a high recognition of the company's continuous cultivation, evidence-based, and practice of this technology for many years and has achieved a series of results. It will provide important decision-making support for the development and application of RPIR technology . At the same time, the implementation of the regulations will further standardize and lead the development of the rapid sewage treatment industry. In the future, Qingyan Environment will continue to actively participate in the research and development and standardization of various water treatment technologies, and contribute to the high-quality development of China's water industry!