Shenzhen Gushu Area Sewage Treatment Expansion Service Project
Processing scale:120,000 m³/d
Effluent standard:First Grade A
Project Introduction:
In order to assist a sewage treatment plant phase-I project in reducing the pollution load of excess sewage, a new set of emergency sewage treatment facility is set up, with a treatment scale of 120,000 m³/d, the main process is S-RPIR rapid sewage treatment process, and the discharge standard is first grade A standard. The tail water that reaches the standard enters the river as water replenishing, so that the water quality of the river body and the coastal waters of the Pearl River Estuary meets the assessment standards.

Project Highlights:
1. This project adopts RPIR equipped module, which can be quickly assembled in place;
2. Under the condition of ensuring high standard effluent, the operating cost of this project is low;
3. This project adopts the integrated facility, without external reflux, and operation and management are simple.

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