Jieyang Rongjiang North River Tributary Water Purification Facility Construction Project
Processing scale:1,800 m³/d
Effluent standard:quasi-class IV surface water standard
Project Introduction:
This project is located in a park in front of Rongjiang Hotel. It uses 10 mobile system of RPIR to treat the sewage intercepted from the park's bottom main pipe. The designed treatment scale is 1800m³/d, the effluent follows the quasi-class V standard of the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB3838-2002) and is discharged into the Rongjiang North River after meeting the standard.
Project Highlights:
1. Mobile system of RPIR is used for combined treatment, and the construction period is short, taking only 10 days from the equipment mobilization to supplying water and reaching the standard;
2. The mobile system of RPIR occupies a small area, only covering 0.2 m² per ton of water;
3. According to local conditions, the original greenery and facilities in the park have been fully retained.

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