Shenzhen CR Ng Fung Meat Food Longgang North District Sewage Capacity Expansion and Reconstruction Project
Processing scale:1,500m³/d
Effluent standard:Discharge standards: Reaching and exceeding the Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Meat Packing Industry
Project Introduction:
CR Ng Fung Meat Food (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen No. 3 Slaughterhouse are equipped with a sewage treatment station with a treatment capacity of 2500 m³/d. Due to the expansion of business and increased wastewater discharge, the plant needed to be expanded and renovated. Through comprehensive selection, the expansion part of the wastewater treatment plant adopted RPIR rapid biological wastewater treatment technology, with a new wastewater treatment capacity of 1,500 m³/d, and the effluent quality met and exceeded the Discharge Standard of Water Pollutants for Meat Packing Industry" (GB13457-92), which can be directly used for washing the filter cloth of the belt sludge dewatering machine, saving over 100 tons of tap water per day. After completion, this project became a demonstration project in Shenzhen, adding deep treatment facilities, and the effluent met the "Urban Miscellaneous Use (GB/T18920-2002) standard, and was used for greening and flushing pig transportation vehicles in the plant.
Project Highlights:
1. The process of “multi-function mobile system of RPIR + RPIR rapid biochemical sewage treatment module” is adopted, which greatly reduces the floor area per ton of water;
2. The existing facilities are made full use, saving the construction investment;
3. The operation management is simple, saving operation costs;
4. The reclaimed water is reused, saving the cost to use tap water.

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