Zhoukou Huaiyang District Village and Town Sewage Treatment Project
Processing scale:20m³/d
Effluent standard:Discharge standards: Henan landmark grade II
Project Introduction:
This project adopts the T-Bic biological purification tank independently developed by Qingyan Environmental to carry out treatment on domestic sewage in Liuzhuang Village, the size of the biochemical pool is 3.95*2.20*1.20m (L*W*H), the treatment scale is 20 m³/d, and the designed effluent COD is less than or equal to 60mg/L and NH3-N less than or equal to 8mg/L, which meets the Henan landmark grade II standard.
Project Highlights:
1. The T-Bic technology is adopted, the biomass of functional flora is large, the sewage treatment efficiency is high, and the resistance to impact load is strong;
2. The structure of the brick pool is simple, without complicated pipeline construction, and the investment and construction costs are low;
3. The photovoltaic power supply system is used in the whole process, no power consumption, simple maintenance, and basically no operating costs;
4. It is fast in biofilm culturing and quick in start-up, free of parts that is easy to block and wear, and simple in operation and maintenance management;
5. The treatment facilities are highly integrated with the surrounding landscape, creating an ecological beauty and achieving the goal of treating the pollution at its source.

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