New construction of upstream sewage treatment plant in Nanning
Processing scale:30,000m³/d
Effluent standard:First Grade A
Project Introduction:
The design scale of the upstream sewage treatment plant in Nanning is 30,000 m³/d in the dry season, the total variation coefficient is 1.5, the main process is A²/RPIR sewage treatment process, the sewage treatment scale in the rainy season remains unchanged at 30,000 m³/d, and another 30,000 m³/d of initial rainwater is taken in, and the effluent quality follows the first grade A standard in the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002).

Project Highlights:
1. The project adopts A²/RPIR process, covers a small area and saves investment and construction costs;
2. The project adopts A²/RPIR process, has high sludge concentration, and has strong resistance to impact load of water quality and quantity, thus effectively guaranteeing the safe, stable and efficient operation of the sewage treatment plant in the rainy season.

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