Yancheng Xiangshui County Urban Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Reconstruction Project
Processing scale:30,000 m³/d
Effluent standard:First Grade A
Project Introduction:
Jiangsu Xiangshui County Sewage Treatment Plant in Yancheng City originally used the traditional A²/O process with a treatment capacity of 30,000 m³/d and an discharge standard of first grade B. This project proposed an upgrade and renovation of the existing treatment process. If traditional technology is used for upgrading and reconstruction, a significant increase in land area is required. After multiple rounds of expert review, this project adopted RPIR fast bio-treatment technology for in-situ upgrading, by directly adding RPIR fast bio-treatment modules in the existing biological treatment tanks and converting the original standby facilities into coagulation and sedimentation tanks. The effluent quality can reach the first grade A standard of the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002).

Project Highlights:
1. The RPIR rapid biochemical module is directly added in the biochemical pool, and upgrading and reconstruction are carried out in situ, without land acquisition;
2. The new RPIR rapid biochemical sewage treatment process is adopted, which saves sludge reflux and reduces investment and operating costs;
3. The assembled equipment is adopted, and the construction period is short.

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