Shenzhen Dingshan River Estuary Water Quality Improvement Project
Processing scale:100,000 m³/d
Effluent standard:quasi-class IV surface water standard
Project Introduction:
Before the construction of this project, all rainwater and sewage along the main stream and tributaries of the Longgang River were collected through intercepting manholes and transported to the Henggang and Hengling water purification plants for treatment. In order to eliminate sewage overflow from the end intercepting manholes, reduce the treatment pressure of the sewage treatment plant in the area, improve the river's environmental capacity, and ultimately achieve the construction of source control and separate treatment of rainwater and sewage in the basin, this project proposes the construction of a high-standard sewage treatment facility with a treatment capacity of 100,000 m³/d and an effluent standard not lower than the quasi-class IV standard of the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB 3838-2002).
Project Highlights:
1. Large scale: it is the largest decentralized sewage treatment facility in Longgang District, with a daily treatment scale of 100,000 tons;
2. High standard: The main indicators of the effluent meet the quasi-class IV standards of "Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water" (GB3838-2002), and the high-standard tailwater is directly supplied to the Longgang River mainstream, which greatly improves the water environment quality of the main stream of Longgang River;
3. Short construction period: The core equipment in the RPIR process section adopts modular and standardized production, and it only takes 48 days from the entry of materials to the completion of equipment installation.

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