Wuhan Dongxihu District Airport River Basin Sewage Treatment Service Project
Processing scale:130,000 m³/d
Effluent standard:First Grade A
Project Introduction:
Under the general background of the co-governance of four waters in Wuhan, the Dongxihu District Government makes the positive response and carries out investigation and treatment on the overflow sewage in its jurisdiction. Most of the sewage in the airport river comes from upstream, and the problem of rain and sewage confluence is prominent. In order to solve the problem of sewage overflow, this project adopts the “A/RPIR + magnetic separation” process to set up two new decentralized sewage treatment facilities near the airport river basin, which are located on the east side of Lijiadunzha River (100000 m³/d) and the north side of the central ditch of Jiangjun Road (30000 m³/d) respectively, with the total sewage treatment capacity of about 130000 m³/d, the effluent quality follows the first grade A standard in the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002), and the tail water that reaches the standard after treatment is discharged to the open channel of the airport river through the pipe network.
Project Highlights:
1. All structures in the plant adopt the construction method of "steel tank body + equipment assembly", which significantly shortens the construction period;
2. The A/RPIR process is adopted, and there is no secondary sedimentation tanks, saving land and reducing energy consumption;
3. The facility is simple in operation and highly integrated with the surrounding environment.

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