Shenzhen Gushu Water Purification Plant (Phase I) Water Quantity Increase and Expansion Project
Processing scale:60,000 m³/d(quasi-class IV surface water standard); 80,000 m³/d (First Grade A)
Effluent standard:q quasi-class IV surface water standard (60,000 m³/d); First Grade A (80,000 m³/d)
Project Introduction:
The original sewage treatment capacity of Shenzhen Gushu Water Purification Plant (Phase I) is 240,000  m3/d, with a gap of 120,000 m3/d. After the capacity increase and quality improvement of original system, a new set of independent sewage treatment facility are still needed. This project adopts the idea of “expanding capacity and improving quality and efficiency in the plant”. In the afforestation isolation area within the plant, a new set of sewage treatment facility is set up with A²/RPIR process as the core, the design sewage treatment scale is 60000  m3/d, the variation coefficient of water quantity is 1.33, the effluent follows the first grade A standard in the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002), but in actual operation, the effluent quality has reached the IV-class water standard in the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB 3838-2002).

Project Highlights:
1. The vacant land of the existing sewage treatment plant is made full use to set up new RPIR sewage treatment facility, which covers an area of only 0.167m² per ton of water, reflecting the advantages of RPIR process saving land;
2. This project is the first application of A²/RPIR process in the new municipal sewage treatment plant and the effluent quality meets the surface IV-class standard.

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