Shenzhen Baihuahe Detention Tank Sewage Treatment Station Service Project
Processing scale:15,000 m³/d
Effluent standard:quasi-class IV surface water standard
Project Introduction:
Baihua River detention tank and sewage treatment station is one of the sub-projects of Guangming District Black and Odorous Water Body Removal Treatment Project. The construction content includes the detention tank and the sewage treatment station, the purpose of which is to intercept the initial rainwater of the main stream of Baihua River into the detention tank and pump it to the decentralized sewage treatment facility off-peak, and directly connect the domestic sewage in this area to the treatment facility. Among them, the effective volume of the detention tank is 20,000 m³; the core biochemical section of the sewage treatment station adopts A/RPIR process, the design treatment capacity is 15000 m³/d, K=1.53, the effluent TN and SS follow the first grade A standard in the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002), and the remaining indexes follow the class IV standard in the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water (GB 3838-2002).
Half a month after the project is completed and put into operation, the river channel is clear, the egrets fly back, and the ecological reconstruction achieves initial success.
Project Highlights:

1. The A/RPIR process is adopted, which saves the land and investment and operating costs;
2. This project has adopted a comprehensive management model of detention tank and high-standard treatment station, which achieves the pollution interception at the source and tail water reaching the standard is discharged into the river, playing a role in ecological water supplementation.

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