“Break the Waves Against the Wind, Ascend the Mountain’s Crest Toward the Sun” |2023 Qingyan Environmental Corporate Culture Training and Outreach Activity ended successfully.
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       To strengthen team cohesion and create a passionate and joyful working atmosphere, Qingyan Environmental held the "Break the Waves Against the Wind, Ascend the Mountain’S Crest Toward the Sun " 2023 Corporate Culture Training and Development Activity from March 11-12, 2023. The Qingyan Environmental team exuded infinite enthusiasm and vitality during the event, and the wonderful moments of unity, cooperation, and fighting through challenges are unforgettable.


Visit Guangdong Qingyan high-end environmental protection equipment R&D and manufacturing base

       On the morning of March 11, people came to the construction site of the base. The person in charge of the site introduced that the base integrates R&D and production, with a total investment of 288 million yuan, a covering area of 20,000 m2, and a total floor area of about 48,000 m2. Seeing the building of base under construction, people are full of expectations for the Company’s development prospects.

In the afternoon of the same day, Chairman Ms. Liu Shujie shared her speech titled Continuous Innovation, from Good to Great. Innovation is the process of gaining insight into customer needs and breaking the mindset to meet customer needs, and the innovation of Qingyan Environmental is carried out around customer needs. Ms. Liu emphasized, “Innovation is indeed difficult, continuous innovation is even more difficult, but what is more difficult than continuous innovation is the formation of innovative system, which is exactly the pursuit of Qingyan Environmental”. We shall face the cruel reality with tenacious faith, deeply integrate innovative behaviors, innovative ideas and innovative talents, constantly accumulate strength, achieve leapfrog development, and let the flywheel of innovation rotate ceaselessly.

During the period, Dr. Li, vice president of Academy of Qingyan Environmental, and Dr. Shi, director of the Second Institute, shared their gains and insights in the process of innovative research and development on two technologies – “T-Bic rapid biochemical sewage treatment technology based on biofilm process” and “high ammonia nitrogen wastewater treatment technology based on anaerobic ammonia oxidation”.

Then, Ms. Liu once again led everyone to review the Qingyan Environmental Excellence Cultural Programme. Ms. Liu said firmly, “make the environment better and make life healthier” is our great mission. ‘Innovation excellence, knowledge-action unity’ is our value and the source of our inexhaustible power to strive and struggle. ” Ms. Liu asked all employees to learn from a plant named “herb of air-plant”, so that the root system penetrates into larger flower pot to absorb nutrients and grow eagerly. At the end of the training, Prof. Chen Fuming, chief scientist of Qingyan Environmental and foreign academician of the Academy of Engineering of the Russian Federation, made a summary speech, saying “We have excellent talents and good platform and opportunity, so I believe we can make more and better research and development achievements to serve the society”.


Honghua Lake scenic area outreach and directional riding activities

       On March 12, Qingyan Environmental 2023 annual outreach activity kicked off. After warming up, forming a team, grabbing team names, etc., the intense and wonderful activities officially began.

On March 12, Qingyan Environmental 2023 annual outreach activity kicked off. After warming up, forming a team, grabbing team names, etc., the intense and wonderful activities officially began.


The two-day corporate culture training and outreach activity, with the theme "break the waves against the wind, and ascend the mountain’s crest toward the sun ", came to a successful conclusion. The shining memories created during the activity will become a valuable treasure shared by everyone. Walking in the flower sea, blooming under the warm sunshine, making the environment better and life healthier, we have been pursuing excellence and enjoying the beautiful process, tirelessly and endlessly!