Chairman Liu Shujie was invited to attend the National Symposium of Women Entrepreneurs on the High-quality Development of Ecological and Environmental Protection Industry
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On March 8, 2023, the 113th International Working Women’s Day, the “2023 National Symposium of Women Entrepreneurs on the High-quality Development of Ecological and Environmental Protection Industry” jointly hosted by China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Guangdong Association of Environmental Protection Industry and Foshan Women’s Federation was grandly held in Foshan City. Guo Chengzhan, secretary of the Party Committee and president of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry, Xu Jinzhou, second-level inspector of Department of Ecology and Environment of Guangdong Province, Chen Weiming, vice mayor of Foshan Municipal People’s Government, and more than 100 female entrepreneurs and female employee representatives from 18 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) attended the meeting.

At this meeting, Ms. Liu Shujie, Chairman of Qingyan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., won the Outstanding Contribution Award for China’s Eco-environmental Protection Industry and was invited to make a speech at the meeting.
The following is what Ms. Liu shared:


From research institute to GEM

Ms. Liu looked back on her journey from a R&D engineer to an entrepreneur. It takes a decade to grind a sword. Starting from a schematic diagram, the Company, after repeated tests and argumentations, finally developed a new way of sewage treatment that is suitable for China’s national conditions and is affordable for customers, used well and highly cost effective, that is, RPIR technology for wastewater treatment.

Driven by the concept of “promoting industry with technology and serving society with industry”, Ms. Liu led the team to try a variety of ways to transform scientific and technological achievements, and finally chose the path of starting own business. The Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen is at the forefront of reform and opening up and is also the first new research and development institution in China, and the leaders of the Institute hope to take the lead in exploring new ways to transform scientific and technological achievements. So, encouraged by the institute leaders and Prof. Chen, I took the lead in founding Qingyan Environmental”. Ms. Liu said.

In her speech, Ms. Liu introduced the development process and innovation strategy of Qingyan Environmental. Since its founding, Qingyan Environmental has chosen to be a technological innovation company rather than an investment company or an engineering company. We choose to continuously develop innovative technologies; continuously equip innovative technologies; continuously promote the industrialization of innovative technologies; and build a R&D and promotion service platform for high-end environmental protection equipment”. Ms. Liu said. “Make the environment better, make life healthier” is the vision of Qingyan Environmental. The Company continuously develops and improves various technologies, and achieves formation of achievements from innovative project, manufacturing of products from innovative achievements, commercialization of innovative products, and industrialization of innovative commodity”, its technologies and products are gradually recognized and promoted and applied on a large scale in many fields. On April 22, 2022, the 52nd World Earth Day, the Company successfully entered the capital market.



From single-point breakthrough to fractal innovation

Over eight years since its founding, Qingyan Environmental has become a model for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen. In terms of technology, the Company derives a large number of innovative process packages and even new technologies with RPIR technology for wastewater treatment as a breakthrough, which helps realize the transformation from single-point breakthrough to fractal innovation, maintain indomitable vitality, and fosters new growth points.


Strategic “flywheel” of Qingyan Environmental

Qingyan Environmental seeks special solutions under the large market demand. The Academy of Qingyan Environmental follows the process from principle research, to pilot-scale test, to product manufacturing, and then equipment manufacturing from innovative technology, and then the Technology Department, combining the application scenarios, forms innovative equipment process package products and sell them to customers through market channels, equipment processing, quality control, engineering, operation and maintenance and other functional departments form a service process guarantee system, giving customers a perfect value experience. Throughout the process, the Company continuously receives feedback from customers, so as to realize the continuous improvement and iteration of innovative technologies.

I imagine this strategic ecological diagram as a huge flywheel, and our task is to make the wheel spin on its axis. We continuously push the flywheel in one direction, giving it momentum until it flies forward with an inexhaustible power. There is no one-off innovation or pure luck in the process. It is a gradual process, with excellent pushers joining one after another, listening to customers' needs, seeking the best solutions, and making decisions based on the essence of things amidst various noises. The sum of their efforts produces a sustained and astonishing effect," said Ms. Liu.



     At the end of her speech, Ms. Liu sincerely invited talents with the dream of industrialization of scientific and technological innovation to join Qingyan Environmental, so as to jointly promote the continuous industrialization of scientific and technological innovation technology, and realize the value of life and technological innovation.