A Low-investment Solution of Sewage Treatment Plant of Handling an Additional Water Without New Land Occupation:Kunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant
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A Low-investment Solution of Sewage Treatment Plant of Handling an Additional Water Without New Land OccupationKunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant
Have you ever considered the importance of sewage treatment? And the challenges faced by facilities like the Kunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant? These questions may not be ones you ponder daily, yet they hold great significance for our environment and quality of life.
The Kunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant, designed with a total capacity of one hundred and twenty-five thousand cubic meters per day, has been operating at an overcapacity since July of twenty-eighteen. This is due to the continuous expansion of the Huaqiao Industrial Park and an increasing population. The strain on the plant has resulted in high operational pressures and escalating costs. The urgency to expand and renovate the plant is palpable.
Enter the solution: the implementation of RPIR technology within the phase-one sewage treatment plant. This innovative approach is set to build a sewage treatment facility capable of handling an additional sixty-two thousand five hundred cubic meters per day. What makes this solution even more remarkable is that it makes full use of the existing sewage treatment plant's vacant land. This means the plant's capacity is expanded without requiring any new land - a truly space-saving solution.

RPIR technology is an advanced wastewater treatment process. It offers several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, simple operation and maintenance, and a shorter construction period. Moreover, it allows for prefabricated sewage treatment, making it a low-investment solution.
But the benefits of this expansion project don't stop there. The high standard of discharge required ensures that the effluent water quality meets the stringent standards set out in the Discharge Standard of Main Water Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant & Key Industries of Taihu Area.

To summarize, the expansion of the Kunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant is not just an environmental necessity, but a testament to innovative, sustainable solutions. The implementation of RPIR technology will not only alleviate the pressure on the existing plant but also ensure high-quality effluent discharge. It's a cost-effective, space-saving, and environmentally responsible solution that will significantly benefit the Huaqiao Industrial Park and its ever-growing population.
Remember, the importance of sewage treatment can't be overstated. It's about preserving our environment, ensuring water quality, and creating sustainable solutions for our growing needs. The Kunshan Huaqiao Sewage Treatment Plant expansion project is a shining example of this.